FiskalPhone Android fiskalna blagajna


FiskalPhone is the simplest mobile POS for Android smartphones and tablets. Make calls, send SMS and create invoices in seconds wherever you are, all on the same device. We are seeking worldwide distributors!

  • fast and reliable
  • carefully designed
  • standalone

We are a company with more than twelve years in business, and we offer high quality and trusted software solutions. We are an agile and inovative company that likes to create new solutions using the latest tehnologies

In 2013 we launched FiskalPhone, a very successful Android Point Of Sale (POS) application, which has been broadly accepted on the local market. Target segment for this app are small and medium sized entrepreneurs which issue receipts for their product and services to the customers.

FiskalPhone is an application that turns every Android smartphone into a Point Of Sale. The application enables on the spot receipt issuing via Bluetooth connected mobile printers or sending email/SMS to the customer.

The application has an open XML interface for the importing/exporting of the sales data, so it can be easily integrated with an existing third-party stock control or similar backoffice system.

Application’s main advantages are:

  • extremely user friendly, very fast and reliable application
  • carefully designed user interface suitable for the smallest screens
  • standalone (local database) with cloud backup and data exchange
  • open API for exchanging data with third-party applications


We are searching for partners / distributors / resellers worldwide.


Look at those screenshots of mobile phone and tablet layout